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A combined aptitude in software technology, writing, art & photography, motivated me to come up with, a place where I can present my share of learning, travel, and life in general.

Mindful thoughts

In recent years, I have become more interested towards decoding life in terms of energy, vibrations and frequency. The fascination started after reading the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Since then, whatever new I read or get to know, I try to link and make more sense of life around. (Please note: All the…

Ask, persevere and achieve!

Thoughts can do wonders, and oftentimes you are left amazed. As I recall, during my school days, one of my friends mentioned about a book which was special to her and very beneficial to achieve anything in life. I had asked her the name. She said it’s secret. It didn’t seem like she wished to…


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About the Author

Full Stack Developer / Writer

Computers & Software technology have spiked my interest since school days. I remember how curious I used to be working on computer, trying out all the functionalities myself to check out what they did, and then get scolded if things went wrong or the computer screen showed some error. But that didn’t stop me, and I would keep exploring new features on my own, just being more careful every time. After high school, I took up computer studies and did my bachelor’s and master’s in computer applications. I have had wonderful experience working in the IT field, working on web applications, database administration, programming, and more. Apart from IT, I was a part-time freelance Writer, and contributed articles based on health, parenting, market reports, e-commerce, course descriptions, career advancement essays, B2B web content, product descriptions and more. It eventually developed my skills in researching topics and presenting as per the requirement.

Hobbies: Reading, Art, Travel & Photography

Whenever free I go on a reading or learning spree! Love reading books & preparing notes on technology, mathematics, science, facts, and discoveries. I seek to keep learning, growing, and sharing knowledge. Photography is fun, and I tend to get in the mode whenever I observe nature or I’m outdoors. Travelling, being out in nature, listening to music, and going for walks are stress busters and blissful! I love clicking landscapes, nature, food, portraits…

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