Interesting facts about Peony flowers

‘Such adorable flowers these are!’ I wondered, as I walked through the corridor of my condominium. Being a fond enthusiast of clicking all things beautiful, I couldn’t resist myself to stop a while and gaze at these pretty creations of nature.

Honestly, I wasn’t aware of the name of these flowers, but I wished to know more about them. I thought of trying Google lens, which then scanned the picture and displayed the name of the flower along with associated content. I read few of those and learnt some very interesting facts, some of which I’ve shared below.

Interesting Facts about Peony

Peony flowers occur in variety of colors except Blue. The plant can live for more than a century. Its roots, seeds, barks and petals having medicinal properties, were once used to cure asthma, headaches, and relieve pain.

During the Middle Ages, physicians often recommended this plant’s seeds and roots to cure bladder stones, stomach aches, jaundice, diarrhea, epilepsy and labor pains.

The peony flower buds produce nectar that attracts ants, who climb over and help to open the buds just to get the nectar. In a way, these ants helps the plant by keeping other harmful insects away.


Peony is named after a Greek god, ‘Paeon’, who as per Greek mythology, was the physician of Gods and often used peony roots to heal. Asclepius (the Greek god of medicine and healing), became jealous of his student Paeon and decided to get rid of him. At the time, Zeus saved Paeon from Asclepius by turning him into the flower Peony.

Peony is known to be the floral symbol of China, the Chinese name to it is ‘sháo yào‘, which means ‘most beautiful’. The city Luoyang, which is often known as ‘City of Peony’, holds the Luoyang Peony Fair annually, to honor the flowers.

This specific type is distinguished as paeonia lactiflora, which the Japanese refer to as ‘Prime Minister of Flowers’.

The peony flowers represent nobility, prosperity and riches, and its paintings are often used for decor at homes and offices to ensure good luck and success. Peony also symbolizes honor, good fortune, romance, love and a happy marriage. For these reasons, they are considered auspicious and used in bouquets during wedding, and celebration of one’s 12th anniversary. Besides, it is the state flower of Indiana.