Tutorial Blogs Vs Videos

As I sat thinking of starting a blog on math, I was stuck on whether to go for a YouTube channel or a website blog. While, surfing the internet for books, resources and to see how my fellow friends have worked their ways, I personally felt that blogs or plain texts are not so gripping as compared to video presentations.

On the funny side, it got me wondering as to who might have the leisure to sit and read these blogs! (including mine!) I mean, if you are a student, and you’re using the internet to search for a topic in mathematics or any subject, I assume you are looking to learn something an easy way, or know it in detail or look for practical use of the topic, but definitely not for reading author’s story behind the write-up or some history behind the topic.

Thinking of it, a better way out would be to separate both kinds of posts.

  • If your tutorial is intended towards a student, keep the content specific to the topic, with some solved examples and its use in real life if the topic permits. (In this case, ensure your title clearly specifies the topic you are focusing on)
  • And if your post is intended towards a parent or a teacher or any reader, then you have the option of mentioning your story about coming up with the topic or whatever worthwhile you wish to share, along with the main topic. (In this case, the title may be flowery or something relatable to topic)

Regarding Video blogs, again, depending on the topic of your video, the majority of viewers might be the students. Other viewers may be tutors or teachers looking for examples or presentations to share with the students, or they could be parents or individuals revisiting concepts for reference or to come up with a blog of their own, or it could be anyone for numerous reasons. My point is:

The more content specific your blog is, and the more clear your explanation, the more the chances of your success and sense of accomplishment.

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