Why Mathematics?

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Throughout academics, and my tenure as a mathematics teacher, I have constantly heard this phrase mentioned by many, ‘Why do we have to study Mathematics!

I have come to terms with the realization behind this question after over 30 years of my life, as I have recently developed a curiosity for every little thing that I read or come across. Although being a former math teacher, I wasn’t so keen on learning about the history and origin of math concepts then, as I’m now. The more I read, the more I think and observe!

I recently read about the golden ratio (Fibonacci sequence), which seems to have been embedded into the existence of the entire universe, and I was amazed. After watching some videos based on the golden ratio, I have started seeing Mathematics altogether in a different realm. I can now make sense how each topic in Mathematics possibly holds a significance in our lives.

As I see it – mathematics on the basic level, is all about measurement. All the formulas, the theorems, the logic, the shapes, the angles, and a lot more, every single topic you study in math helps you measure, understand and replicate to an extent, the different forms in nature.

Mathematics learnt in school helps you to relate, understand and perform day-to-day activities efficiently. It eventually helps you to grasp the complex theories in higher studies. Advanced Mathematics knowledge helps you in performing further research, experiments and discoveries.

Aswini Sekar

I’m working on presenting the basic concepts in math one at a time with its history, use in real life and about the topic itself.

Stay tuned if math interests you or even if it doesn’t, it may intrigue you!

P.S. It may take a while before I come up with something. I would also like to mention that I’m still working out on whether my posts would be kind of tutorial or just some facts about the topic and its application in real life! Thank you for keeping patience and visiting this page.