Ask, persevere and achieve!

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Thoughts can do wonders, and oftentimes you are left amazed.

As I recall, during my school days, one of my friends mentioned about a book which was special to her and very beneficial to achieve anything in life. I had asked her the name. She said it’s secret. It didn’t seem like she wished to disclose much, so dismissed the topic then and there.

Years later, suddenly one day I remembered her and her words. I became curious and thought what could possibly the book might had been about. So I randomly tried to google a book that could relate to something secret. That’s when I stumbled upon the book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. It wasn’t exactly what my friend referred to but after having read the book, I was pretty sure it conveyed the same.

I downloaded the book, read it, loved it, and could relate. I even took notes, which I shall be sharing in bits and pieces in my future posts, along with examples or experiences.

The reason I mentioned my story is because, the moment I thought of searching for a book mentioned by a friend decades ago with no specific title, the very next day, it was in my vicinity to go ahead and read. A message inspired from the book, and I would like to share:

‘Direct your thoughts to what you want, believe you will and be ready to receive.’

inspired from book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne

I must admit that these points are tough to implement in one’s daily life. But, remember to be aware of your thoughts once a while, so you shall always have the opportunity to attain your dreams, one step at a time.