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Everyone has their own way of going about making a resume. Here, I’m sharing my recipe to preparing a worthwhile resume. I spent a lot of time on researching on what to add, where to add, how to add, whether to put this or not, whether to keep it here or there or not needed, whether I should keep this one or remove it altogether from my resume…and on and on…

And I learned a lot in the process, with my trials and experiments. At this point of time, if you provide me with the details of your past work experience and your desired job profile, I can pretty well provide you with the resume to help you get considered for a specific job.

Frankly, more than resume, it’s you, your experience and confidence that will get you through the interview in the long run.

Read on below for the tips…make sure to read till the end (it’s not very long!)

Decide on a Resume template

A good resume template is a must if you wish to make the first impression. Research about preferable resume template as per the country/province/industry/role you are applying to.

Some may prefer the resume to be strictly confined to 2 pages, some prefer 3-4 pages. So make sure to choose a template that makes your resume look compact and organized.

Search for sample job profiles

Start by looking out for sample job profiles on google. Note down the job roles & responsibilities that cater to you (the ones which you have performed earlier and the ones you intend to work on in future or are presently pursuing etc.)

Take notes from the summary, profile objective and sample job descriptions listed in experience section. All of these give you an idea about what to expect in your role and also what the employer expects you to work on.

Search Linked-In for people with similar job profiles

I suggest to take help of LinkedIn profiles as well. Search for profiles matching your desired area, and just go through what they have previously done or the responsibilities undertaken by them in their jobs.

Why I prefer this is because you get a realistic picture of responsibilities/tasks performed by people on-the-job, unlike standard ones found on other blogs/websites through google.

Fill in the resume template with your information

Now once you have the base ready, fill out your resume template with the notes that you have collected. Showcase your skills and your work/project experience.

For those of you who are just starting out fresh out of college, you can highlight on the required job skills by mentioning it in your project work descriptions.

For those switching careers, showcase your past experiences by highlighting your transferable skills that shall be beneficial in the job you are applying to.

Specify hobby to share how you are as a person outside work

With each passing day, it just gets tougher for the employers to pick a candidate who would best fit the role/company. When you mention hobbies on the resume, it helps the employer to get to know you beyond your resume.

Thereafter it’s mostly on how well you correspond during the interview. I believe what matters most is the confidence in you and how relevantly you respond to the discussions.

Look for jobs and select the ones you are really keen to apply

The more you research about the job you are applying to, the more chances you hold to get selected among the top candidates (my personal experience)

Employers like it when they see it that the candidate is well aware of what he is getting into, what to expect in the job, what exactly the company is into and what’s the future for himself and company.

It may seem tough to follow, but if you do it, it will be beneficial for you to aim for the best.

Add the job skills & responsibilities (as per your expertise)

Get ready to dig deep on a specific job in a specific organization, take out some time to add on more to your resume to make it reach to the top. Once you have selected a particular job ad/company, give a thorough read to its required roles & responsibilities. Try to match it with your resume.

If you see that you are lacking some important points or skills on your resume, tweak your job description as per that mentioned in the job advertisement. Same goes for the job skills. If you are aware & skipped mentioning any of the required job specific skills, add them to your own resume.

Mention only your Relevant years of experience in the role you apply

Employers often mention specific requirement pertaining to the years of experience required for the role. It largely depends on the company budget, responsibilities of the position, urgency of the position and more such factors.

For senior roles: they would need someone with more experience, for junior or intermediate: they would need someone with appropriate experience, for some they require freshers/interns and so on. So make sure to include your work experience relevant to the position you are applying.

Do let me know what are your suggestions on the above tips, whether you found it helpful or would like to add something to it etc. Looking forward to your comments.

Thank you and All the Best!

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  1. Jagadish says:

    i never realised until reading this post that Resume Templates play a huge role in the eye of a recruiter. Hands down, excellent tips on resume preparation. Very helpful. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aswini Sekar says:

    Thank you for the kind words.. 🙂


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